Shipping One Vehicle At A Time!

Shipping One Vehicle At A Time!

Shipping One Vehicle At A Time!Shipping One Vehicle At A Time!Shipping One Vehicle At A Time!

WolfePack Transport has been in the automotive industry since 1995 (Over 25 Years). 

Our Services

WolfePack Transport LLC Philosophy:


 To listen to all our clients needs on car transport service or anything else they may need. 

  1. Give fair and reasonable prices for vehicle transport or any other service needed. 
  2. Be willing not to take money for shipping from clients until their vehicle is scheduled to be picked up. 
  3. Be available to customer’s needs and desires. 
  4. Work hard at making each and every customer happy. 
  5. Enjoy working with our clients.
  6. Pride ourselves and giving fair and honest cost to ship a car or any type of vehicle, Motorcycle, ATV, boat, and so on.

Our Quality Promise



WolfePack Auto Transport specializes in;

Car Transport Services, Car Shipping, Motorcycle Shipping, Truck Shipping, SUV Shipping and Boat Shipping.  

So when you have to set up Car Transport we are here to help.  We offer Open-Air Vehicle Transport and Enclosed Vehicle Transport services for our clients that want maximum protection of there vehicle. We also offer Motorcycle and Trike Shipping. Call now to get the cost to ship a car and more.

Open Vehicle Transport


 This type of car hauling provided for 7 to 10 vehicles at one time.  

This allows for us to ship multiple vehicle and that means a lower cost to ship a car and you save. That way your auto shipping is divided by the number of cars shipping at a time. This type of vehicle shipping is provided for the longer moves. Car shipping/auto transport services from coast to coast is an example of this or moving a vehicle from state to state. Trust WolfePack Open Vehicle Transport

Enclosed Car Transport


This type of car transport service is for our clients that want more protection for there vehicle transport or motorcycle transport. This type of transport is usually used for classic car transport or exotic car transport. This type of vehicle transport is offered coast to coast as well as local car shipping.  We offer this type of service for motorcycle shipping upon request. Trust WolfePack Enclosed Car Transport. Call today to get a cost to ship a car, motorcycle, and much more.

Specialty Shipping


WolfePack Specialty Shipping and Transport offers specialty shipping. This type of shipping is done when you don't need an auto transport service, but something that is close to it. This type of vehicle transport is designed for Gulf Carts shipping, Oversize vehicle shipping, and yes the Flintstones as well.  Maybe the George Jetsons will call next to get a car shipping quote or maybe flying saucer.  

Small Boats, Jet Ski's, Small Travel Trailers


WolfePack Jet Ski Transport and WolfePack Small Boat Transport is the place to turn for the hard to ship items. We offer small boat shipping, small popup camper trailer shipping, jet ski shipping and more.  WolfePack Vehicle Transport is not just an auto transport service we offer a wide range of shipping needs Call today to get the cost to ship a car, jetski, boat, camper, or whatever else comes to mind. So think of WolfePack beyond just car shipping 

Hot Shot Auto Transport


Hot Shot vehicle transport is designed for local types of car moving services. We use our hot shot car transport service for moves that are usually under 250 miles. This type of car transport is great when we are going in state or between two bordering states. This allows WolfePack Auto Transport to keep the cost to ship a car as low as possible and to arrive on time.

Trust WolfePack Hot Shot Auto Transport

Alaska and Hawaii


WolfePack Alaska Vehicle Transport and WolfePack Hawaii Auto Transport offer car transport services, truck shipping, SUV shipping, motorcycle shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. This type of vehicle shipping services is referred to as roll on roll off or RORO for short. We offer the most competitive car shipping prices, so call us today! 

Motorcycle Shipping


WolfePack Motorcycle Shipping is a trusted leader in the vehicle and motorcycle shipping industry. WolfePack Motorcycle Transport can accommodate virtually any transport request, whether you need your motorcycle shipped across the state or across the country. All of our quotes include tracking and insurance coverage while your vehicle is in our care. We are a full service Auto Transporter and Motorcycle Transporter that is licensed, bonded and insured this allows you the most peace of mind, at the most affordable prices. 

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